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Journal Papers
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Effects of Rumen-Degradable to rumen-undegradable protein ratio and corn processing on production performance, nitrogen efficiency, and feeding behavior of holstein dairy cows March 2018
Chewing activity, metabolic profile and performance of high- producing dairy cows fed conventional forages, wheat straw or rice straw November 2017
Effect of different fat supplements on performance of dairy calves during cold season March 2017
Inoculation and co-inoculation of alfalfa seedlings with root growth promoting microorganisms (Piriformospora indica, Glomus intraradices and Sinorhizobium meliloti) affect molecular structures, nutrient profiles and availability of hay for ruminants June 2017
Performance, rumen fermentation, and blood metabolites of dairy calves fed starter mixtures supplemented with herbal plants, essential oils or monensin March 2017
‎Daneshvar, D., M. Khorvash, E. Ghasemi, and A.H. Mahdavi. 2017. Combination ‎effects of milk feeding methods and startercrude protein concentration: Evaluation ‎on performance andhealth of Holstein male calves. Animal Feed Science and ‎Technology 22 February 2017
Effect of feeding untreated wheat straw or ensiled ‎wheat straw treated ‎with NaOH, molasses and wheat grain‏ ‏on performance of lactating ‎dairy ‎cows January 2016
Effect of urea supplementation in diet based on barley grain or‏ ‏corn silage on ‎performance, digestion, rumen fermentation and‏ ‏microbial protein synthesis in ‎Holstein bull calves‎ January 2016
Effects of substituting grain with forage or nonforage fibersource on growth performance, rumen fermentation, andchewing activity of dairy calves August 2016
The effect of restricted milk feeding through conventional or step-down methods with or without forage provision in starter feed on performance of Holstein bull calves Spring 2015
Effects of chemical treatments on chemical compositions and rumen degradability of rice straw January 2015
The effect of restricted milk feeding through conventional or step-down methods with or without forage provision in starter feed on performance of Holstein bull calves September 2015
Interaction effects of degradable nitrogen sources and straw treatment on rumen Summer 2014
Adjustment of pH and enzymatic treatment of barley straw by dry processing method February 2014
Effects of straw treatment and nitrogen supplementation on digestibility, intake and physiological responses of water intake as well as urine and faecal characteristics February 2014
Effects of roasting and electron beam irradiating on protein characteristics, ruminal degradability and intestinal digestibility of soybean and the performance of dairy cows August 2014
Interactive effects of molasses by homofermentative and heterofermentative inoculants on fermentation quality, nitrogen fractionation, nutritive value and aerobic stability of wilted alfalfa (Medicago sativa L) silage May 2014
Dry chemical processing and ensiling of rice straw to improve its quality for use as ruminant feed June 2013
Chemical composition, cell wall features, and degradability of stem, leaf blade, and sheath in untreated and alkali-treated rice straw March 2013
Effect of forage sources and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sc 47) on ruminal fermentation parameters February 2012
Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (sc 47) on rumen degradation, fermentation and protozoa population of bulls fed two forage sources March 2008
Digestion, fermentation and microbial potential of Sistani and Holstein breed January 2007
Conference Papers
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Effects of roasted and electron beam irradiation on ruminal and intestinal disappearance of whole soybean February 2009
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sc47) on the rumen digestion, fermentation and protozoa population of bulls fed either alfalfa hay or corn silage diet January 2006
اثرات روش نوین شیردهی کاهش تدریجی بر عملکرد، رشد اسکلتی و سلامتی گوساله هاي هلشتاین March 1393
بررسی اثر افزودن گیاهان دارویی در خوراک آغازین بر عملکرد گوسالههای شیرخوار هلشتاین March 1393
اثر الگوي تغذیه شیر و علوفه یونجه در خوراك آغازین بر عملکرد گوساله هاي تحت شرایط تنش سرمایی April 1393
تأثیر روش ارائه شیر و مقدار پروتئین خام خوراك آغازین بر سلامت و شمارش سلول هاي خونی گوساله هاي هلشتاین تحت شرایط تنش سرمایی March 1393
تأثیر فرآوري و جایگزینی کاه برنج یا گندم بهجاي منابع علوفهاي جیره بر قابلیت هضم و مصرف خوراك و رفتار جوش گاوهاي شیرده هلشتاین May 1393
اثر علوفه یونجه در جیره آغازین بر عملکرد و رشد اسکلتی گوساله هاي شیرخوار تغذیه شده با الگوي شیر کاهش تدریجی Summer 1393
تاثیر فرآوري و جایگزینی کاه برنج یا گندم جاي منابع علوفه اي جیره بر فراسنجه هاي پلاسماي خون و عملکرد گاوهاي شیرده هلشتاین April 1393
اثر نسبتهاي مختلف سیلاژ ذرت و یونجه خشک بر بازده تولیدي گاوهاي شیري هلشتاین February 1393

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